What we do with IoT analytics is really cool. Just ask Gartner.

By Michael Schuldenfrei June 6, 2017

It’s not every day that big data analytics for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing gets the cool label. But that’s precisely what Gartner did in recognizing Optimal+ as a Cool Vendor in IoT Analytics for 2017.

So what’s so hot about our offering that that we get kudos for being cool?

We may be living in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT) but its success ultimately hinges on assuring the Quality of Things (QoT). Bottom line, no one wants an expensive piece of technological wonder that leaves them wondering why they bought it in the first place. With so many embedded sensors in IoT devices carrying on conversations with each another, quality is not a nice-to-have extra – it’s mission critical.

And that’s why Optimal+ is so cool. Because cool is about creating a multi-industry digital thread to give semi and electronics brand owners “cradle-to-grave” visibility into their manufactured products. Cool is correlating data and drawing actionable insights between tests from any facility and any phase of manufacturing. Cool is enabling backwards and forwards feeding of data so that the DNA of any product with electronic content is fully traceable. Cool is preventing panic and massive recalls because you can target the specific problem, down to a faulty board or bad wafer lot.  Cool is having the peace of mind that comes with brand protection, because you know you have your Quality of Things covered.

Cool is also about recognition. If you haven’t read the Gartner report yet, check it out.



About the author
Corporate Technology Fellow,  joined OptimalPlus in 2006, and brings over 30 years of software and information technology experience. Since joining the company he has served in several leadership roles including Chief Software Architect and CTO.