OptimalPlus Ramp solution is the first true enterprise-level semiconductor characterization solution in the market, suitable for both IDMs and fabless companies.

The growing functionality and complexity of next generation ICs have turned the characterization process into a genuine big data challenge. Whereas, the number of tested parts is relatively small – perhaps only a few thousand – the number of tests can reach tens or even hundreds of thousands of tests-per-part. OptimalPlus NPI eases the collection and management of semiconductor characterization data, providing a full range of product analytics capabilities to comprehensively evaluate and chart the behavior of a new product based on thousands of parametric and functional measurements made across multiple process, voltage and temperature conditions. It enables more product data to be captured, compared and analyzed and drives more actionable insights before production ramp-up begins. This significantly improves the chances of ensuring the creation of a high-quality performance product that is less prone to problems during high-volume production and that subsequently results in fewer RMAs.

Expedite data collection

Engineers tend to run characterization experiments manually and often. OptimalPlus NPI eases the arduous task of collecting, cleansing and annotating unstructured semiconductor characterization data through our “Sandbox” – a one-of-a-kind staging area that facilitates the ETL process: the extraction, transforming and loading of raw characterization data. This both enables the process to become far more efficient and delivers results that are more accurate and complete.

Increase team collaboration

NPI enables semiconductor manufacturers to solve the typical disconnect that exists between characterization teams working on different IP blocks by enabling true transparency and collaboration.

Fine-tune analysis

OptimalPlus NPI provides all the capabilities you need to comprehensively analyze and chart the behavior of a new semiconductor device based on parametric and functional measurements across process, voltage and temperature conditions; lot names, product identifiers and much more.

Provide accurate reports

OptimalPlus NPI enables quick report generation of all characterization analyses, so that every stakeholder can easily review the detailed results that pertain to their areas of involvement in the project.

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Efficiency solution:
Increase throughput
by up to 20%

Improve manufacturing productivity by identifying and reducing unnecessary tests and retests, increasing machine throughput by up to 20% and creating significant cap-ex and op-ex savings
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Yield solution:
Improve overall yield
by up to 2%

Ensure only truly bad devices are discarded and that all your good devices make it to market, improving overall yield by up to 2%
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Quality solution:
Reduce escapes
by up to 50%

Separate high quality devices from tomorrow’s RMAs by combining unique capabilities such as escape prevention and the industry’s most comprehensive outlier detection solution, reducing escapes by up to 50%
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“With OptimalPlus we can make very sophisticated real-time decisions that enable us to measurably improve our product quality”
CRAIG NISHIZAKI Senior Director of ATE Development