Semiconductor quality and reliability solutions: manufacture the highest quality products with the lowest defect rates

Establishing a “quality firewall” in manufacturing environments is essential to ensuring the delivery of high-performance semiconductor devices to your customers. Optimal+ Escape Prevention and Outlier Detection deliver the 1-2 punch that combines deterministic and statistical analyses to prevent escapes.  Additionally, parametric SPC, RMA analytics and quality indexing complete the picture, ensuring you prevent bad chips from shipping and enabling you to meet your customers’ zero-defect goals with confidence.

Outlier Detection

Outlier detection has become a standard requirement for many applications. Optimal+ provides the industry’s most comprehensive and powerful library of Outlier Detection algorithms combined with the infrastructure needed to deploy and manage them across distributed manufacturing operations. Our solution can uniquely combine data across multiple operations and use advanced correlation techniques to handle complex scenarios such as using PCA for multi-variate outliers. Advanced packaging solutions where multiple die are assembled into a single package are not a problem as well with our complex genealogy capabilities.

Escape Prevention

Thanks to our broad experience analyzing data from many of the world’s leading semiconductor brands, we have gained insight into a broad range of manufacturing issues that compromise product quality. We translated this knowledge into a library of special rules and algorithms that monitor test operations by identifying a range of equipment-, user- and test-related issues which prevent suspected bad parts from shipping.

Quality Index

Using powerful cross-operational analysis capabilities, Optimal+ can generate unit-level Quality Indexes that enable operations teams to perform highly-sophisticated quality assessment binning by tracking multiple risk factors and device parameter performance across multiple test phases.

RMA Database

The OptimalPlus database provides a way to link detailed information about customer RMAs to existing product information and using our customizable analytics interface enables unprecedented historical analyses. These same analytic capabilities can subsequently be applied to quickly determine the root cause of failure. Both are leveraged to identify abnormalities in the measured performance which can be converted to advanced outlier detection algorithms to prevent future occurrences from reaching the market.

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“We were able to achieve significant improvements in product yield and quality”
John Docherty, Senior VP, Global Operations, AMD

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