Semiconductor Efficiency Solutions

Discover and address manufacturing inefficiencies using product analytics and reduce costs by up to 20%.  Improve utilization and throughput by identifying and fixing under-performing equipment, achieving higher first-pass yield and reducing unnecessary retest.

Combining key metrics

Our product analytics solutions help you achieve greater equipment utilization, enhance your throughput with greater levels of efficiency and enable better use of your test fleet and global operations while improving your testing processes and products.

Bottom line impact

Lower operational costs by streamlining test operations while reducing your capital expenditure by purchasing less test equipment.

Adaptive Test Time Reduction – ATTR

Optimize test programs without compromising quality. Every semiconductor test facility has a budget for how much time it can dedicate to any given test program, requiring engineers to make difficult decisions about which tests to exclude. OptimalPlus ATTR enables you to increase quality, not reduce it! Rather than just removing a so-called “no-fail” test permanently from a testing program, TTR turns it on/off at designated intervals so that if there is a manufacturing variation, the test is immediately re-introduced.

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Ramp solution:
Ramp-up new
products faster

Characterize and ramp new products faster than ever before with the industry’s first collaborative characterization platform, letting you analyze products with multiple IP blocks and huge test programs with ease
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Yield solution:
Improve overall yield
by up to 2%

Ensure only truly bad devices are discarded and that all your good devices make it to market, improving overall yield by up to 2%
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Quality solution:
Reduce escapes
by up to 50%

Separate high quality devices from tomorrow’s RMAs by combining unique capabilities such as escape prevention and the industry’s most comprehensive outlier detection solution, reducing escapes by up to 50%
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“With OptimalPlus product lifecycle analytics platform and solutions we create a holistic safety net that works with our cutting edge production solutions to monitor our production in real time and automatically prevent any suspect device from shipping to our customers”
David Reed, EVP Technologies & Operations, NXP

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