Semiconductor Yield Suite

Reclaim lost yield by ensuring your manufacturing and test processes are performing optimally and consistently, and by addressing root cause for yield loss at inspection and test. OptimalPlus solutions enable you to reclaim as much as 2% yield through analytics.

Early detection with real-time impact

Track, capture and detect user-defined statistical changes in your products’ manufacturing, test or assembly processes to enable corrective measures before they become costly. Optimal+ employs a 24/7 rules engine which catches problems as soon as they start to occur, triggering alerts and process control actions as defined by the manufacturing operations team.

Clean, reliable data

Our comprehensive database aggregates a wealth of information from test operations and powers data analytic tools that provide lightning fast access to actionable information.

Cross-facility scrutiny

Supported by virtually every foundry and OSAT that serves the semiconductor ecosystem and rapidly expanding to the electronics supply chain gives Optimal+ customers the unique advantage of being able to benchmark suppliers and compare product yield results and trends across their globally-dispersed test fleets.

Powerful customized analysis

Our feature-rich UI functionality enables users to build and design their own customized templates to drive powerful and intuitive product analysis features for intelligent actionable insights. Users can also automatically generate real-time reports and distribute to other stakeholders.

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Ramp solution:
Ramp-up new
products faster

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Efficiency solution:
Increase throughput
by up to 20%

Improve manufacturing productivity by identifying and reducing unnecessary tests and retests, increasing machine throughput by up to 20% and creating significant cap-ex and op-ex savings
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Quality solution:
Reduce escapes
by up to 50%

Separate high quality devices from tomorrow’s RMAs by combining unique capabilities such as escape prevention and the industry’s most comprehensive outlier detection solution, reducing escapes by up to 50%
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“We were able to achieve significant improvements in product yield and quality”
John Docherty, Senior VP, Global Operations AMD

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