Optimizing the production & performance of EV power subsub-systems

The electrification of cars is becoming more and more prevalent, introducing multiple new challenges to automobile manufacturing.Electric vehicle powertrains and all of their constituent parts, such as the battery pack, motor, and power modules, must be high-performing yet inexpensive to produce in order to be affordable. However, this is a difficult balance to achieve since powertrain sub-system manufacturing is extremely complex, and expensive to rework.The key to finding the balance between ensuring quality while improving efficiency and reducing scrap is to utilize big data analytics and machine learning to detect and prevent problems before the powertrain is assembled.

Capture critical data

Sub-system performance is improved by capturing failure signatures from across multiple manufacturing processes and incoming material. As an example, in battery cells, outliers and anomalies, such as separator mechanical fractures in cells or metal particles in electrolytes, are tagged and sent for real-time prevention.

Reduce scrap rates

OptimalPlus helps to improve the quality and reliability of EV sub-systems by collecting, aggregating, and correlating all parametric test data at every assembly level throughout the product hierarchy, to detect and prevent any issue that could impact scrap rates.

A single source of truth

Create a single source of truth by analyszing data from chip manufacturing, board assembly, ECUs, systems and end-products, and RMAs. This inclusive approach to data aggregation and analysis delivers unprecedented visibility across the supply chain and a holistic view into the product lifecycle.

Improve critical KPIs and optimize product costs

With extensive experience in automotive production, we help EV sub-system manufacturers to improve critical KPIs, including reliability with up to 50% case avoidance, yield with an increase of up to 10% in NPI and 2% in HVM, efficiency with up to 25% in cost savings, and speed, reducing NPI, TTM, and RCA from weeks to days.