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Big Data Analytics solutions
for the automotive industry

The growing complexity of modern vehicles creates significant safety and reliability challenges for the entire industry. Automotive manufacturers are being pressed by customers to guarantee the quality and reliability of their products. Our unique big data & lifecycle analytics solutions for the automotive industry, empower you to reduce new product ramp time and deliver highly reliable products consistently and predictably while improving efficiency and lowering manufacturing costs.

ADAS cameras solution

The production of advanced driver assistance  systems is an intricate and complex process that bears costly and sometimes life-threatening repercussions. By utilizing AI and machine learning, you can leverage your big data to continuously improve this process, ensuring better quality and reliability of components, more accurate and flexible assembly, reduced scrap and instant root-cause analysis.

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Power modules solution

Electrification have an increasingly important and costly role in automotive manufacturing as automotive electrification becomes more prevalent. These devices incorporate a number of challenging processes that cannot be reworked, and will have a long NPI ramp and high potential scrap rate. By utilizing machine learning and big data analytics, you can perform large scale multi-variate analysis to determine the factors that have the largest impact on your scrap rate.

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Welding solution

Welding is a fundamental process required in different forms for many automotive components. These lengthy processes come with costly challenges and are critical to the overall reliability of the vehicles themselves. Using actionable analytics, you can catch and fix problems on time, reduce scrap significantly, and improve the accuracy of inspection, automating much of the process and preventing bad quality welds from moving along the production chain.

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Visual inspection solution

Visual inspection plays a major role in ensuring product quality, using a variety of technologies to acquire images of the product throughout manufacturing. Analyzing these images can determine not only the quality of parts at a specific point in the production line but can also be used as feedback to improve the manufacturing process itself, thus reducing scrap, enabling adaptive manufacturing, and building better-quality products overall.

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Get the visibility you need
through your production

Quality and reliability

Strive for zero defects through actionable analytics and prevent bad products from shipping

Scrap avoidance

Detect defective materials earlier in the process to ensure the minimum goes to waste

Improve efficiency

Gain full visibility into your complex lifecycle and catch inefficiencies at just the right time

Accelerate NPI Ramp

Speed up your NPI ramp time to accelerate your product time to market, and stay ahead of the competition and market demands

Data collection modeling

Gather data from multiple sources throughout your entire supply chain using an optimized data model

Industry focused open platform

Our unique open platform was designed for your industry to give you a deep understanding of all the attributes of your products, to accelerate innovation by providing a comprehensive end-to-end solution for advanced big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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