5 Steps to becoming a data-driven manufacturer

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Online adaptive TTR cross testers and facilities

Reduce the cost of testing without compromising product quality or yield using ATTR. Read how.

NXP Feasibility case study

Application of inline defect part average Testing (I-PAT™) to identify potential latent reliability defect escapes.

Electronic board defect classification and detection

Want to improve defect detection for increasing electronics reliability? Learn how deep learning & automated visual inspection can help.

Automatic scratch detection

Improved product quality and reliability performance. Read how

Comprehensive prediction throughout product lifecycle analytics

Using machine learning to drive better insights and enhance reliability. Read how.

Smart manufacturing solutions: build or buy?

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White Papers

Defect image classification and detection with deep learning

Get all the insights you need on how leveraging artificial intelligence and deep learning improves defect classification and detection.

Solution overview: Escape Prevention

Download this brochure to learn how you can address the test processes and operational issues that impact quality and lead to test escapes.

Solution Overview: Global Ops

Learn how this innovative solution provides an integrated view into your semiconductor products as well as your global manufacturing operations and processes.

OptimalPlus story

See how our lifecycle analytics solutions help overcome the quality, and reliability challenges of the automotive, semiconductor, and electronics industries.

Big data trends shaping industry 4.0

Big data analytics in manufacturing is the new game changer. Download our eBook to keep up with the pace  

Fast facts

Learn all about the game-changing improvements you can get with O+ for RMA, throughput, yield, escape reduction, and more.

Company Overview

Read this overview to learn about the actionable insights O+ can deliver to you for ensuring product reliability and manufacturing efficiency.

Test Data Analysis as a Service

Learn how fabless and IDM companies can gain actionable insights from manufacturing big data without the CapEx overhead.

The 3 main obstacles to zero defects

Defective parts not an option? Read this paper to learn about the main obstacles to quality and how you can overcome them to achieve zero DPPM.

Lifecycle analytics for semiconductor

See how you can deliver unprecedented manufacturing efficiency and semiconductor product reliability with our powerful analytics platform.

Lifecycle analytics for Automotive

See how you can reduce new product ramp time and deliver reliable products, consistently and predictably.

Who we are. What we do.

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