Why I joined Optimal+

by David Park | February 23, 2016

Optimal+ Vice President of Operations in Asia Jean-Emmanuel Perdereau (“JEP”) discusses his decision to join Optimal+ and the importance of building a team around exceptional people.  At Optimal+, JEP manages the service organization that supports the foundries and OSATs that drive the Optimal+ big data infrastructure, supports semiconductor companies in the Asia-Pacific market and helps to shape the company’s product roadmap.  Here’s JEP’s thoughts about joining Optimal+:

I first learned about Optimal+ while working as Vice President, Test Operations and Corporate Test Research & Development for STATS ChipPAC in Singapore.   While at STATS ChipPAC, I was involved in a pilot project with Optimal+ which led to STATS ChipPAC becoming one of their first customers.   Throughout that experience, I admired the commitment, intelligence and deep industry knowledge that the Optimal+ team possessed.   They tackled each challenge head-on and quickly exceeded our expectations by significantly improving our overall Cost and Quality.

As a twenty-year semiconductor industry veteran, it was clear to me that Optimal+ was providing a solution with an unprecedented level of global data management and analytics for semiconductor companies that would change the industry. So when the opportunity arose to join Optimal+ in 2015, I gladly accepted. Since I’ve joined we’ve signed on more customers, received industry leadership awards from Frost & Sullivan and Deloitte and obtained $42 million in funding from KKR to enable us to expand into the electronics industry. These achievements are fueled by the talented, hard-working employees at Optimal+ who demonstrate a daily commitment to providing the best customer service and support in the industry.

The core values of Optimal+ will take us far in Asia where semiconductor manufacturing companies are under pressure to increase quality without dramatically impacting yield or increasing overall test costs.  We recently held our first customer seminar in Japan to show the impact of big data analysis on operations, which was well attended by customers and prospects.   Optimal+ views the Asia-Pacific region as a strategic area for growth.   The interest in real-time big data analytics is strong and something that the region is excited about.  As the automotive manufacturers add more and more devices to cars and autonomous vehicles get closer to mass production, high-quality devices will become mission-critical and the solutions from Optimal+ will provide the necessary supply chain “checks and balances” to enable the highest levels of product quality.

Optimal+ has the passion, knowledge and the right people to directly tackle these problems, and that’s why I joined the company.   The Optimal+ employees were its greatest asset back when I was a customer and continue to be so now that I am employee. I’m glad to be part of the team!