Taking Quality to the Next Level with Big Data Analytics

by Michael Schuldenfrei | March 7, 2016

In his final video of a three-part series analyzing the many benefits of deploying real-time big data solutions throughout the supply chain, Optimal+ CTO Michael Schuldenfrei discusses how big data, analytics and the right infrastructure combine to take quality to the next level.   This video focuses on how big data solutions are moving beyond classic outlier detection to improve overall quality and limit test escapes.

Michael highlights several advanced benefits to deploying big data analytics solutions in semiconductor manufacturing including:

  • The value of device DNA, which combines everything manufacturing operations knows about an individual chip, from wafer geography to parametric test results.
  • The Quality Index, which analyzes historical data, as it relates to individual dice. The index is calculated based on analysis of failures in test operations and RMAs, and predicts the likelihood of failure downstream.
  • Data feed forward, which leverages data collection from any step in the production flow and then makes it available to any other process in the downstream process to make valuable, informed decisions.

The combination of big data and analytics in the right data infrastructure is a reality today and leading fabless semiconductors are using this data to gain advantages in product quality.

To learn more about improving semiconductor quality, check out this video on YouTube.