Training to manufacture intelligence
Education plays a vital role in Optimal+ implementation, enabling you to create timely actionable intelligence from the myriad data generated across your global supply chain – independently and with confidence.

Our goal is to transfer the appropriate knowledge to your users, enabling your organization to achieve the maximum benefit of our Semiconductor Operations Platform solutions and to operate them effectively.

The education process begins by identifying key team members who will be responsible for overseeing the ongoing usage of Optimal+ solutions across their manufacturing operations and bringing them “up to speed” on utilization and best practices even before the solution’s installation takes place.

Optimal+ Knowledge Transfer consists of:

  • Detailed online help: incorporated in our client applications. Using most of our advanced tools, you will find an informative and detailed briefing of how to use our different tools and options.
  • Comprehensive documentation: provides you with operational documents to prepare you for system installation, IT maintenance manual and troubleshooting guide.
  • On-Site Physical Classroom: Our professional instructors deliver in-depth knowledge and skills to help you use your Optimal+ solutions, analyze data effectively, take appropriate actions and maximize productivity within your company’s manufacturing environment. After completing the training, participants are acknowledged as Optimal+ Certified.
  • On-Going Application Training: Even after the classroom training is completed, our dedicated Applications Engineers continue to work closely with your teams, consulting and helping them with valuable applications training and best practices.
  • Knowledge Base: We share our rich collection of expertise and operational tips from real-life learning to help you create your own solutions, thus shortening time-to-resolution and increasing end-user productivity.