Manufacturing Intelligence with multidisciplinary expertise
Optimal+ support professionals include Ph.D statisticians, database experts, tester experts and semiconductor process and yield analysis experts.

All of these individuals add up to a comprehensive knowledge base in semiconductor manufacturing operations that is unmatched in the industry. Our deployment services go beyond installation and cover the entire delivery lifecycle to help you plan, implement, integrate, monitor and operate your solutions in the most effective way.

The deployment process begins with a comprehensive site survey and gap analysis, followed by installation, integration and proliferation, customized to your specific infrastructure and mode of operation by our experienced project managers.

The integration process includes server installation and networking, test data mapping and validation, full loop verification, as well as data augmentation and performance tests. We also install control and monitoring systems to provide alerts and maintenance reports for IT and engineering support teams.

The deployment process is complemented by training and knowledge delivery to your users, as well as to your IT support team. Before releasing the Optimal+ solution to go live, we verify with you readiness of all delivery components, including data loading and integrity, IT maintenance procedures, applications health and users knowledge.

IV Tiers of Support

  • Tier I support is provided through a combination of Optimal+ AEs and our customer’s super users, who are trained and certified by Optimal+ to identify and troubleshoot issues. Optimal+ application engineers, who often coach customer users on site, also provide immediate first tier support of application related issues.
  • Tier II support is provided by Optimal+ product specialists who respond to customer requests via telephone, e-mail and our internet support portal. All customer requests are logged and managed centrally at the Tech Center located at Optimal+ headquarters, which acts as a single point of coordination for logging and tracking customer issues from inception through resolution.
  • Tier III support includes the Tech Center team of product experts, who are engaged when issues are escalated. Tech Center experts handle advanced trouble-shooting and case investigation en route to rectifying customer issues.
  • Tier IV involves our Research & Development group, who are senior technology engineers and experts in manufacturing and test software. They provide bug fixes and software enhancement, and assist Tiers I, II and III in an advisory role to resolve complex integration issues.

Support Plans
Optimal+ offers a choice of Service Level Agreement Plans to meet the different needs of our customers. The two support plans, Silver and Gold, cover both hardware and software. They are distinguished by specific features such as Help Desk availability hours (24×7 or 8×5), on-site support availability, and failures handling time. If selecting the Gold Support Plan (recommended) then 24×7, follow-the-sun service is guaranteed, with best-in-class response time and on-site engineering support availability, plus fast HW recovery time. If the Silver Support Plan is selected, Optimal+ will provide its best services during an 8×5 service window, using remote support and industry-standard failure recovery time. For more information regarding our Support Plans, contact your Optimal+ account manager.