Industry quality trends are driving the need for closer collaboration between Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Original Component manufacturers (OCMs) that comprise the backbone of manufacturing today’s smart electronic products and embedded systems.

Industries with low tolerance for product failures, such as automotive electronics, mobile devices and computing and networking infrastructure, have made quality a mission-critical concern for semiconductor companies and electronics manufacturers. Moreover, the growing competition in smart wearables and the emerging IoT market are making electronics brand owners more wary of the negative impact of poor quality on consumer loyalty.

Optimal+ QPaaS (Quality Protection as a ServiceSuppliers Quality Network) is the first and only IIoT solution to provide a mechanism for backwards-and-forwards sharing of manufacturing data. By applying advanced data analytics, OEMs can derive significant insights between their semiconductor suppliers and the quality of their finished goods:

  • Enables secure and convenient data sharing that mitigates intellectual-property concerns between partners
  • Meets demands for reducing time-to-market and time-to-quality
  • Lowers costs by improving yield and fine-tuning tests
  • Improves productivity by significantly shortening issue resolution time
Built for Big Data
  • A complem entary solution that works in conjunction with Optimal+ Global Ops, the foundational software system in the Optimal+ Electronics Operations Platform for big data acquisition and analytics
Analytics from chip to board
  • Provides cross-operation analytics across the entire supply chain based on chip ID
  • Enables using the data of a board and its ICs in order to quickly pinpoint the root cause of common hard-to-find failures, such as a faulty board resulting from  a poor combination of ICs
  • Includes a comprehensive, scriptable library of algorithms to find correlations between boards and ICs
  • Integrates with “R” for advanced statistical analysis
Data Feed Forward/Data Feed Backward
  • A game-changing paradigm shift for sharing data across the connected semiconductor-electronics ecosystem
  • Automatically generates subsets or derivatives of product data for sharing between OCMs and OEMs
  • Enables OEMs to feed back relevant test data from an IC and its environment to the OCM
  • Provides OCMs with the ability to transfer data per chip to OEMs to support adaptive testing, targeted recalls, and more, at their discretion
  • Facilitates OCM’s utilization of data for assessing an IC’s performance in a system
  • Supports quick adjustment of testing or binning algorithm
Privacy assurance
  • Provides an enterprise-grade, secure central hub for targeted data exchange, and manages its dissemination
  • Compartmentalization of data assures that partners reveal only necessary data
  • Specific datasets to be exchanged are solely at the discretion of the OEM and OCM partnership