The Optimal+ EXACT solution delivers next-generation, cloud-based or on-premise capabilities for semiconductor extreme analytics and the collection and management of characterization data.



  • One of the complementary solutions on the Optimal+ Semiconductor Operations Platform
  • Empowers manufacturing operations by enabling the correlation of “anything to anything” across multiple test insertions to find key “signatures”
  • Provides tools for performing device characterization, including limit simulation, PVT and ad hoc analyses
  • Enables rapid cleaning, association and augmentation of HVM and NPI data
  • Transforms complex analysis findings into published or scheduled reports

Big Data analytics, precise characterization

With manufacturing test databases growing exponentially, manufacturing operations need Big Data solutions that can handle the analyses of multi-terabyte data files to find the critical signatures that enable them to improve product yield, quality and manufacturing productivity.

Powered by HP Vertica, EXACT provides the fastest time-to-data for Big Data analytics and produces the cleanest characterization data sets in the semiconductor industry.

Using EXACT, product and yield engineers can now correlate “anything to anything” in their manufacturing data, which enables them to rapidly identify the root cause of manufacturing or test issues that are impacting semiconductor operations.

In addition, engineers can easily and efficiently clean dirty characterization data, ascertain that it meets engineering requirements and if necessary, direct the required corrections. A built-in audit trail ensures that engineering decisions are properly documented and that problematic test data isn’t inadvertently lost.

Once new product data is available, users can unleash a comprehensive set of analytic tools to characterize their parts and generate highly customizable reports. Best of all, characterization datasets merge seamlessly with HVM data stored in the same database, enabling engineers to validate their characterization process with production data.

Collectively, these capabilities enable semiconductor companies to significantly reduce the time-to-market availability of their new products, driving increased product revenue through a longer market lifespan. EXACT was designed for engineers by engineers to be flexible and easy to use.


EXACT manufactures intelligence from numerous test processes and phases, including:
  • Characterization
  • Yield ramp-up
  • E-Test
  • Wafer Sort
  • Final Test
  • System Level Test