• Marc Jacobs

    VP Engineering Operations

    "Escape Prevention from Optimal+ helps enable Marvell to deliver best-in-class silicon solutions for the automotive market segment."

  • Michael Campbell

    Senior Vice-President of Engineering

    "The Optimal+ Escape Prevention Solution enables us to identify specific issues during manufacturing and test that will drive advanced quality screening and comprehensive product management."

  • Dr. Albert Wu

    VP of Operations

    "Escape Prevention from Optimal+ is enabling Marvell to ensure the delivery of exceptional quality devices to the automotive market segment."

  • John Docherty

    Senior VP, Global Operations

    "We were able to achieve significant improvements in product yield and quality"

  • Craig Nishizaki

    Senior Director of ATE Development

    "With Optimal+ we can make very sophisticated real-time decisions that enable us to measurably improve our product quality"

  • Carl Bowen

    AMD Fellow

    "We went from we can’t afford to do this [Optimal+]" to "We can’t afford not to do this [Optimal+]"