Preventing Escapes with Big Data

by Michael Schuldenfrei | February 8, 2016

In his second video of a three-part series analyzing the many benefits of deploying real-time big data solutions throughout the supply chain, Optimal+ CTO Michael Schuldenfrei discusses how big data solutions can prevent test escapes.   In this video, Michael provides insight into the various ways that big data solutions catch common test issues such as ATE freeze and other test program issues.  He explains the benefits of how big data solutions collect raw data into billions of data points, analyze common tester issues and enable semiconductor companies to make actionable decisions when big data solutions are customized, automated and connected to the supply chain.

Quality is mission-critical for all semiconductor companies and this video identifies ways that semiconductor companies can reduce return material authorizations (RMAs) by 50 percent.  Check out this video on YouTube.

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