Optimal+ Announces Big Data Analytics Support for NI Semiconductor Test System

by David Park | February 3, 2016

It is the robust test systems used throughout semiconductor manufacturing operations that enable our customers to deliver high-quality chips to their end customers. Often, semiconductor companies will have a variety of test system manufacturers represented throughout operations based on device needs and target applications. At Optimal+,  it is our goal to be “tester-agnostic” so that we can give our customers, through collaboration and partnerships with top-tier test manufacturers, the flexibility to use our solutions on the test systems of their choice. In just this last year, using a diverse range of production floor test systems, the Optimal+ suite of products has sourced and analyzed billions of data sets for our customers.

Today, we announced an agreement with National Instruments,  a respected industry leader in the test space, to support the entire suite of Optimal+ solutions on NI’s Semiconductor Test System (STS) .  NI’s compact, production-ready STS platform is driving new levels of openness and flexibility into the semiconductor test environment. As part of this collaboration, the Optimal+ software will acquire real-time data seamlessly from STS through a lightweight “Proxy” agent using NI’s open platform test management software TestStand and LabVIEW system design software. Customers deploying NI STS systems with Optimal+ big data analytics should expect to see yield, quality and throughput improvements across their global supply chain.

We are excited to include National Instruments as the latest company working with Optimal+ to make semiconductor manufacturing operations more efficient and cost-effective.

For more information on today’s announcement: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160203005279/en