No Company is an Island – CES 2017

by David Park | January 13, 2017

Almost 400 years ago, John Donne penned the phrase, “No man is an island, entire of itself…” – words that continue to resonate today. Few would disagree on the need for collaboration, but humans as well as companies can often behave as if it is otherwise. Industry promotions often imply customers need look no further beyond a single entity. The reality is that no company is an island, nor is any solution for that matter; effective solutions and systems (especially in the electronics market segment) do not operate in a vacuum and success is often accomplished by providing a distinctive capability that betters the whole while seamlessly integrating existing technologies. The disruptive innovation from the external “ecosystem” must contribute a distinct new value, a depth of capability and ultimately prove to be a reliable addition. A quality ecosystem contribution is much more than a list of useful add-on features; its success is grounded in trusted partnerships and technologies that are established and developed to further specific customer advancements.

This need for successful ecosystems is particularly acute with the current challenges posed by global integration, complex electronic devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). The depth and breadth of these challenges command an ecosystem-rich environment to bring powerful solutions together in this hyper-connected world.

At CES 2017, by inviting Optimal+ to present and explore new possibilities with its Watson™ IoT Platform, IBM is driving the development of innovative, more customer-centric solutions by leveraging ecosystem partnerships.

The synergy between the two solutions is clear. The focus of Optimal+ is advanced product analytics and is complemented by IBM’s powerful Watson IoT Platform solution which delivers rich, in-use data from electronic systems. By combining two powerful industry solutions, our customers have a solution that gives them full visibility and control of a product’s quality from inception to end-of-life.

We appreciated our opportunity to work with IBM at CES 2017. We will continue to partner with leaders in the industry as it is clear from our customers’ perspective that no innovative company can be an island.

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