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Message from Dan

Dear Customers and Colleagues,

I'm delighted to announce that a top IDM has signed a multi-year multi-million dollar contract with OptimalTest which will expand the use of the OptimalEnterprise solutions within their organization to all facilities and all testers worldwide. This significantly strengthens the company's commitment and partnership with OptimalTest, and underscores the benefits and results they have experienced. Read more below about why this top IDM made this strategic decision.

OptimalTest has experienced unprecidented success and with it significant growth. By the end of 2013 we will have doubled the number of employees in this year alone, please read our article below and  visit our website to learn about Phil Wendell, our new VP WW Sales and welcome other new members of the OT team .

Finally, don't miss our article on the new OT Escape Prevention Solution, an enhanced approach above and beyond Outlier Detection.

Feature Article: Top IDM selects OptimalTest as its Strategic Partner with Multi-year, Multi-million Dollar Contract Covering over 1500 Testers.

The executive management of one of the world's largest IDM semiconductor companies has signed a multi-year, multi-million dollar agreement selecting OptimalTest as its strategic partner for enterprise quality and escape prevention solutions. The worldwide implementation of the combined solution spans all of its wafer sort and final test facilities, and over 1500 testers.

Following a thorough initial engagement, this top IDM found that the OptimalTest solutions exceeded their expectations on all fronts -- delivering strong ROI and performance along with ease of use, excellent support and a solid roadmap. With the growing challenges of cost and quality that the semiconductor industry faces, the relationship between OptimalTest and the IDM naturally evolved into a long term partnership which will enable the IDM to offer its strategic customers unparalleled standards of quality and reliability. The OptimalEnterprise solutions will help the IDM to both protect and expand their market share in strategic segments like Automotive, MEMS and others.

By taking an enterprise approach to solving quality issues, this top IDM will be able to establish common methodologies, terminology and tools across their entire organization.  Quality metrics and the underlying data will be consistent across all product groups and factories.

We are privileged to partner with this top IDM, a leader in the Automotive and MEMS semiconductor markets. We believe that its progressive stance on quality and their selection of OptimalTest will be a tipping point for the rest of the industry.

Huge Growth at OptimalTest in 2013

With the unprecidented growth and success of the business,  OptimalTest is expanding its presence in the Asia Pacific region and expanding the OT team worldwide. OptimalTest will have over 100 employees towards the end of the year, doubling the size of the team. As part of this growth, we are delighted to welcome Phil Wendell as the new VP WW Sales. Randy Hierbaum will continue as VP US Sales.

Phil brings more than 25 years of global sales and marketing experience in the semiconductor test industry to OptimalTest. Phil joins OptimalTest from Teradyne, where he most recently served as GM of U.S. Sales and Service. In this role, Phil led a team of more than 200 account managers, applications and sales support employees with worldwide responsibility for all U.S. headquartered customers including their overseas sites and SCM suppliers in Asia. Phil's teams have been consistently recognized as "Best Capital Equipment Supplier" by top 25 worldwide semiconductor companies.

NEW Escape Prevention Solution from OptimalTest!

We are excited to announce a powerful new set of capabilities, which are being delivered in our upcoming release, Version 5.2, due out in May 2013.

The new solution was developed in close cooperation with our customers. It encompasses a number of capabilities that enable users to help prevent escapes (i.e. bad parts being shipped to customers), and control and analyze customer returns (RMSa). Highlights of this release include: 

RMA Database -- Manually or automatically, load information about bad parts returned by customers. RMA data is then available in OT-Portal for reporting and analysis.
Automatic Data Retention Management -- Hold RMA-related data in the database for longer periods of time.
RMA Analysis Tools -- Trace the full testing history of each returned part of lot and determine the cause of the escape.
Wide Range of "Escape Prevention" Rules -- Monitor incoming data feeds and catch a variety of quality issues. When triggered, many of these rules can switch the binning of parts from "good" to "bad" to prevent them being shipped and alert users to the problem.
Incorporation of Existing OT Outlier Detection Capabilities -- Dynamic Part Average Testing (DPAT), NNR, Good Die in Bad Neighborhood and other Geographic PAT.
NEW! PAT Simulation Tool -- Enable PAT analysis of final test or SLT data.
Unique PAT Validation Capability -- Match the results of PAT simulations to known RMAs so you can see if the rule is capable of catching similar escapes in the future. 

Many of the problems detected by the Escape Prevention solution are hard or impossible to find without a comprehensive system like the OptimalEnterprise by OptimalTest, which is monitoring the supply chain and validating data across process steps and operations. Examples of Escape Prevention rules include:

Probe Mark Count Limit -- Catching dice which were probed too many times.
Good Die with Failing Tests -- Catching parts with passing bins despite the failure of critical tests.
Passing Test with Out of Limits Result -- Catching discrepancies between parametric measurements and the matching pass/fail flag.
ECID Validation -- Ensuring that chip IDs are correctly written to the chip.
E-Test Disposition -- Finding issues in e-test (a.k.a. WAT or PCM) data and performing bin switching at wafer sort.
Test List Comparison Between Revs -- Catching issues where a newly released test program removed critical tests.
Test Program Checksum Validation Across Runs -- Ensuring that test programs are not modified once released to production.

All of this is just the first part of a series of new features we will be developing to address the issue of product quality and escape prevention -- stay tuned for more! 


Upcoming Events

See OptimalTest at the following industry events, where we will have some exciting news to share!

OptimalTest will exhibit at SEMICON West 2013 - Booth #6584 in the North Hall by the TechXPOT -- July 9-11, Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco. Also, plan to attend the OT-Event at the Palomar on Wednesday July 11th. 
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OptimalTest is the Diamond Supporter of ITC 2013 and will exhibit and present at the conference. Join OptimalTest for a free luncheon and presentation by Craig Nishizaki,  senior director of test development at  nVidia  
International Test Conference (ITC) 2012 -- Sept. 10-12, Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, California
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Phil Wendell Joins OT as VP Worldwide Sales

OT at SEMICON West 2013
July 9-11th in San Francisco at Moscone North Hall Booth #6584 by the TechXPOT North. Also plan to join us for the OT-Event at the Palomar on Wed. evening Jul 11th. 

OT at ITC 2013
Sept 10-12 at the Disneyland Resort Hotel, Disneyland, Anaheim, CA. OT is the Diamond Supporter 2013  where OT will host a luncheon and presentation by Craig Nishizaki of nVidia

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