McKinsey Sees Opportunities Ahead for Fabs that Embrace Big Data Analytics

by David Park | June 13, 2017

Semiconductor fabs are under significant pressure to increase efficiencies and get quality products to market in less time. In parallel, they face ever-growing complexities in managing the production environment, which make that goal even harder to achieve. According to a recent McKinsey & Company article:

  • Test and verification times during the design process have shown an industry-wide increase of 50%.
  • The NPI process can involve 12-18 months of debugging before a new product is ready for ramp up.
  • 30% of capital expenditures during assembly and test relate to tests that do not add value – but are nonetheless necessary.

All of this points to the need for a fresh disruptive approach to advanced analytics that can help close the gap between reducing time-to-market and increasing product quality.

 In their recent article “Reimagining fabs: Advanced analytics in semiconductor manufacturing”, McKinsey & Company tackle the subject of transforming efficiencies in the fab head-on. Through interviews with leading analytics vendors, including two Optimal+ executives, CTO Michael Schuldenfrei and VP of Business Development Yitzhak Ohayon, the article addresses the exciting opportunities that advanced data analytics present to fabs in transforming the manufacturing supply chain.

We are proud to help make it happen – and to be included by McKinsey in their article. Read the full article here.