Optimal+ is the only vendor capable of collecting, cleaning and aggregating data from multiple manufacturing locations into coherent information for real-time and near-real time action. 

No other vendor provides a secure, global Big Data Highway between product teams and their global supply chain, facilitating total visibility and seamless bi-directional communication. 

For semiconductor companies, Optimal+ spans all manufacturing operations touchpoints where product data is generated, from MES and WAT to Wafer Sort, Final Test and System Level Test. In electronics manufacturing environments, Optimal+ collects all product data from optical inspection, x-ray inspection, in-circuit test and Final Test. It’s the basis for a game-changing paradigm shift that enables semiconductor and electronics brand owners alike to manufacture intelligence from all the data generated in their distributed supply chains. 

That’s why partnering with Optimal+ to provide your product analytics is not just a better choice – it’s really the only logical choice. It’s the optimization standard of excellence you’re seeking, the “+” that gives you an advantage over your competitors.


Ultimate visibility

Optimal+ IIoT software solutions for electronics and semiconductor brand owners provide a window of transparency into your distributed supply chain that impacts multiple facets of your bottom line. 

Powerful analysis tools

Typically, when manufacturing issues arise, it is difficult to ascertain the source of the problem. The Optimal+ Portal provides complete visibility into your product, enabling rapid root-cause analysis through detailed product analytic drill-downs. Once identified, a rule can be established that looks for a recurrence of that problem and can automatically drive actions anywhere in your supply chain.  In addition, user-defined queries can be applied to enable product teams to be proactive in their search for areas to improve product yield and quality.

Empowering decision makers

Optimal+ empowers decision makers across the enterprise –  from operation team members seeking to solve problems quickly; to product engineers who want a more holistic end-to-end view of their product’s performance; to finance and planning officers looking to increase their gross margins, limit warranty payments and fine-tune their supplier benchmarking capabilities.

Direct from the source

The Optimal+ proxy is installed on all testing equipment on the subcon/factory side, enabling the collection, processing and verification of product data and its preparation for data mining before it’s even delivered to you.


Real-time action

Our big data infrastructure, connecting all the testers on the factory side to your product engineering teams, enables our 24/7 automated rules engines to evaluate your  product data in real time and perform multiple tasks, including product rebinning, tester troubleshooting and the activation/deactivation of specific tests.