As we enter the era of the Internet of Things and the smart manufacturing processes of Industry 4.0, achieving the highest quality standards without compromising time-to-market becomes an ever-increasing concern for semiconductor and electronics brands.

Optimal+ offers the only IIoT software solutions in the market with a pure-play focus on leveraging big data product analytics for improving performance metrics in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing environments. Moreover, they provide a window of transparency into your distributed supply chain that impacts multiple facets of both your top and bottom line performance.

Grow Revenue

Advanced product analytics translates into products of consistent high quality and long-term reliability. Optimal+ enables brand owners to get premium prices and grow their product revenue.

Limit Your Warranty Payouts

Fewer quality escapes translate into fewer customer returns (RMAs); no semiconductor or electronics manufacturer can afford to be on the wrong side of a major product recall because of unseen escapes on a critical device. Our production-proven quality solutions lower your warranty provisions.

Identify Product Drift

Monitor the stability of every parametric test to protect process drifts in real time.

Increase Gross Margins

Optimal+ provides you with a real-time view into the performance and throughput of every vendor used in every manufacturing process, enabling you to understand the true financial considerations in your distributed supply chain so that you can accurately compare planning vs. actual. Optimal+ also helps you improve your product yields and thus increase your gross margins.

Uphold the Reputation of Your Brand

By significantly lowering the risk of RMAs on your behalf, and ensuring only parts from trusted sources are used in your system, Optimal+ isn’t only preventing potential high warranty payouts; we’re also helping you to maintain your brand equity over the long-term as a trusted supplier of choice.