Today’s semiconductor devices and electronics boards and systems have complex designs that generate billions of test data points during their manufacture and assembly. Optimal+ EXACT is an underlying capability, based on HP Vertica, that supports the Optimal+ offerings for both electronics and semiconductor manufacturing operations environments that enables engineers to collect, analyze and act upon huge volumes of data from across their supply chain quickly and efficiently.

With EXACT, customers can dramatically improve yield and quality while simultaneously building more cost-effective and time-efficient test strategies.

Manufacturing Intelligence to drive big data analytics

Set test limits with greater accuracy

EXACT helps engineers to better understand the validity of their test program limits and affords far greater flexibility in fine-tuning them: Avoid unnecessary escapes due to limits that were set too wide; reduce yield loss due to overly tight test limits; calculate yield impact before a change in test limits is deployed

Quickly identify highly correlated test pairs

The EXACT correlation application provides additional opportunities for both test time reduction (TTR) and identifying bivariate/multivariate outliers. Lightning-fast data processing enables you to automatically correlate extremely large numbers of tests across multiple test phases. Once the top correlated matches have been identified, the output of the correlation can be published as a rule across the entire supply chain

Define precise test entrance criteria

Knowing what to look for is often half the battle. The high volume data analytics provided by EXACT helps engineers to make more informed decisions by fine-tuning their needle-in-a-haystack queries to detect process or equipment-related issues.