Every year, manufacturers of semiconductor devices and electronics boards and systems accumulate tens of terabytes worth of manufacturing data whose inherent value and bottom line impact are lost, because it can’t be acted upon before products are shipped out the door. This inevitably results in the need for RMA management. 

Beyond the ever-increasing size of manufacturing data being generated, the length of retention timeframes necessary for properly managing and resolving RMA issues throughout the lifetime of a product continues to grow as well, creating a genuine big data headache. This challenge calls for advanced analytics, including bivariate and multivariate analysis. 

In order to reach the quality goal of zero DPPM, customers need powerful big data analytics to separate good devices from bad ones as well as to be able to identify suspect devices that are within a “good” population.

The challenge in doing the latter is those devices pass all the requisite tests to be labeled as “good” but have characteristics that can be correlated to known RMAs and will most likely fail before the end of the warranty period.

Only through advanced analysis like multi-variate analysis can these subtle “characteristics” be detected, enabling a semiconductor or electronics manufacturer to screen these devices out from their good populations and prevent downstream RMAs and protect brand integrity.

Optimal+ represents the first enterprise-grade solution to connect all of your Big Data sources and create a unified stream of intelligent insights that can be shared and acted upon by decision makers throughout your organization.

Single Data Source

Transcend the limitations of traditional database systems by running all your Big Data streams through a single high-volume analytics platform.

RMA Prediction

Analyze every parametric test for a product to capture signatures that can be used to predict RMAs across thousands of wafers, millions of parts, and thousands of electronics boards and components.

Identify Product Drift

Monitor the stability of every parametric test to protect process drifts in real time.

Smarter Retest

Monitor which specific parametric test failures are, or are not, recovered by subsequent retest and make proactive binning suggestions to prevent unnecessary retesting of parts which are unlikely to be recovered.

Big Data Correlation

Gain actionable correlated foresight into billions of measurements at breakthrough speeds.

RMA Management

Optimal+ enables customers to easily maintain and access historical manufacturing information in order to successfully diagnose every RMA and provides accurate product learning that helps prevent future recurrences.

Focused Analytics

Filter out the noise to focus on the parameters that matter when performing complex product-specific analyses.

Regardless of your operational setup, Optimal+ represents the easiest way for any semiconductor or electronics company to network its global stream of manufacturing Big Data for generating real-time ROI opportunities. Big Data analytics can be performed on-premise or through Optimal+ Cloud services.

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