More than just our corporate tagline, Manufacturing Intelligence™ represents a breakthrough approach for semiconductor and electronics brand owners to drive IIoT connectivity; enhance yield and productivity significantly; reduce RMAs; and usher in an age of robust, long-term quality products. 

Our enterprise-grade, product analytics solutions manufacture intelligence by collecting, cleaning and correlating big data derived from multiple disconnected, global manufacturing operations; performing pinpoint rules-based analytics on the data; and transforming it into a unified source of clean actionable information. 

Optimal+ provides comprehensive transparency into manufacturing operations that enables decision makers throughout your company – from engineering to finance and planning –  to take real-time, data-driven actions.


Manufacturing Intelligence™ is a paradigm shift that takes the semiconductor ecosystem

What we mean when we talk about:
Man·u·fac·tur·ing (man-yə-ˈfak-chər-ing) v In·tel·li·gence (in-ˈte-lə-jənts) n

  • Comprising the unique ability to manufacture (i.e. create, construct, forge, synthesize or shape) intelligent decisions in real-time from disjointed data originating from multiple manufacturing operations sites in the semiconductor ecosystem that lead to decisive action;
  • Indicating the uncanny ability to aggregate Big Data from a fragmented semiconductor supply chain in the formation of a unified Big Picture;
  • Referring to the semiconductor industry gold standard for vastly optimizing yield, productivity, quality and RMA prevention
  • A proven enterprise software platform, developed by Optimal+, driving the delivery of 15 billion quality devices every year on behalf of the world’s leading semiconductor providers