KKR’s $42 Million Investment in Optimal+ Drives Future Success

by David Park | September 10, 2015

As Optimal+ begins its second decade, we embrace a clear path to future growth with the announcement of our new partnership with KKR, one of the world’s leading technology investors. KKR is leading a $42 million investment in Optimal+ to support our global expansion plans with growth capital as well as providing access to their global network of companies and technology experts. KKR has a well-established track record for recognizing and supporting big data-enabled technology companies in other key market segments.

Optimal+ customers have consistently demonstrated confidence in our company, contributing to our multi-year, double-digit revenue growth. The expanding scale and scope of our reach over the past decade has been remarkable. In just the past year alone, our big data solutions have collected, validated and aggregated data from more than 25 billion chips, providing our customers with unprecedented, real-time decision-making control over their global manufacturing operations and enabling them to realize significant cost savings and ROI.

Market forces continue to increase our customers’ need for production insights as a crucial driver of device quality. Demand for sophisticated electronic devices combined with ever-shortening product release cycles is challenging the ability for semiconductor manufacturers to rapidly produce huge volumes of devices with extremely high-quality metrics. The emergence of new market segments such as automotive ADAS systems and the Internet of Things is driving this need for comprehensive, real-time production insights.

Clearly, KKR and our existing investors strongly believe in our customer-focused strategy of developing big data solutions that deliver the very best ROI including increased yield, higher quality, and greater manufacturing efficiency. Going forward, we see very strong demand and growth opportunities for our manufacturing intelligence solutions within the semiconductor manufacturing industry and the complementary electronics market. In fact, electronic boards and chips are increasingly converging, with 80% of the mission-critical components on PCBs being semiconductor devices. This presents Optimal+ with many opportunities to enable companies to assess the performance and quality of their next-generation chips, and electronic systems they will populate.