ITC 2015: A Step Toward Clarity for Big Data

by David Park | October 6, 2015

Big Data is heralded everywhere as “the next big thing” or “the next frontier” – it even gets the royal treatment: “big data is king.” At Optimal+ we certainly share the excitement about what big data has brought to our customers, who are under constant pressure to improve yield, quality and productivity in a rapidly growing, increasingly complex global marketplace. It is the power of our big data solution that enables fragmented real-time data to be sourced across the enterprise and converted to an actionable decision-making resource. The ability to amass this level of data throughout an organization and being able to “slice and dice” the information to precisely and cost-effectively manage a global company is unprecedented.

Not surprisingly, there is some confusion and wariness regarding the benefits of big data as it pertains to the semiconductor industry simply due to the fact that it is hard to conceive of an individual chip’s DNA, and the billions of other chips processed along with it, being tracked from inception to deployment – not to mention the remarkable impact this new lifecycle capability has on quick problem identification and resolution, yield improvement and revenue generation. The other new and hard–to-specify aspect of big data has to do with the discovery process itself. As information is obtained “in the moment” and over time, there are countless insights that are often unanticipated. Those insights are there for the taking, but the value remains elusive until that “something” is discovered.

Things are changing in the collective understanding of big data. In late September, an article by Patrick Mannion in Electronic Design captured the Optimal+ story. Mannion, self-described as new to Optimal+ and its big data solution, provides an insightful overview of the power of big data in the semiconductor manufacturing environment: True Big Data to Be Showcased at ITC 2015.

Come join us at ITC 2015, Booth 211. Also at the show, Marc Jacobs, Marvell’s VP of Engineering Operations, will be presenting “How Marvell Improves Quality and Yield Through Optimal+ Big Data Analytics