Going where no one has gone before…

by Shlomit Tevet | December 11, 2016

It is perhaps a bit early for the “final frontier” in big data. But there are frontier elements of exploration and discovery that are often hard to articulate in a practical manner amidst the hyperbolic big data claims in the industry. As with other “leading-edge” predictions, a concrete example that provides the contrast of what was before and what will be, often helps clarify the intangible new technology’s promise.

With 20-20 hindsight, countless examples of technology innovations have provided a window into future discoveries, heralding the transition from vacuum tubes to solid-state transistors and “dial-in” to Wi-Fi. Each invention brings a range of new advantages and perspectives in productivity, time saved, and cost reductions.

Big data solutions have realized many of their transformative promises with many more to come, particularly with the advent of the IIoT.  Our customers in the semiconductor and electronics industries are discovering new benefits daily.  With the aggregation of clean data in a single view across a company’s global supply chain, queries are no longer restricted to reporting what is already known, but are now capable of identifying and discovering the proverbial “needle in the haystack” from data sourced from hundreds of thousands of tests. As critical discoveries are revealed, the organization can implement new rules or processes to improve manufacturing operations.

Our CTO, Michael Schuldenfrei, has developed a series of brief videos to highlight examples of big data’s impact on production operations. The most recent video takes a look at using EXACT to manage test data for analysis.