As we enter the era of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the smart manufacturing processes of Industry 4.0, achieving the highest quality standards without compromising time to market becomes an ever increasing concern for electronics brands. Optimal+ provides the industry’s first end-to-end software solution for collecting, analyzing and acting upon global supply chain data across OEMs, OCMs and ODMs.

The real-time big data platform provides complete supply chain transparency, delivering you the cleanest and most complete data sets possible. Advanced, rules-based analytic capabilities enable you to significantly enhance quality, yield and productivity in the manufacture of electronic components, boards and systems.

The Optimal+ Electronics Operations Platform enables you to ensure quality throughout the lifetime of a product – from the initial manufacturing ramp of its constituent parts, through assembly of the boards, modules and systems, followed by ongoing tracking of in-use data for enabling more targeted RMA management and improved product learning.

It is the industry’s only solution for improving manufacturing KPIs throughout the siloed semiconductor-electronics ecosystem. It puts electronics brand owners with distributed manufacturing operations back in control of the quality standards of their products and provides validation of the operational performance of all of their suppliers.

The only comprehensive big data analytics solution to address the complexities of distributed electronics manufacturing, the Optimal+ Electronics Operations Platform serves a wide spectrum of industries where quality and liability is critical, from smart consumer devices to computing and networking infrastructure, medical equipment, automotive systems and beyond. It enables the delivery of safer, more reliable and affordable electronic products to market.

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