The Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) will have a tremendous effect on industries worldwide. The application of smart manufacturing will enable manufacturers to perform advanced analytics to quickly and easily identify inefficiencies and problems in their manufacturing lines and drive transparency into their global operations.

Optimal+ is the only Big Data analytics software company to provide an end-to-end product analytics solution for semiconductor and electronics companies. Our enterprise-grade platform delivers unique analytics on product data in a common, standardized language that enables brand owners and their suppliers to measurably improve all aspects of their products, from performance to quality and yield.

Brand owners that take advantage of the power of product analytics can greatly extend the value of the IIoT beyond what traditional process analytics can provide. The use of product analytics drives a more holistic view of manufacturing operations that covers the entire product life cycle and spans the global supply chain. This complete view of the product is crucial to providing end-customers with devices that outperform the competition

and deliver a superior user experience.

In addition, product analytics also helps break down the silos that exist in manufacturing operations and allowfor even tighter integration between enterprise systems such as: enterprise resource Planning (ERP) systems; Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems; Supply Chain Management (SCM); and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

Production-Proven Product Analytics

Optimal+ has unmatched domain expertise in product analytics and manufacturing test operations for the semiconductor and electronics industries. We are passionate about enabling our customers to deliver better products as they embrace the IIoT and industry 4.0.

to that end, we developed our groundbreaking product analytics platforms for the IIoT – big data software solutions that enable companies to listen to “the voice of the product” by leveraging their manufacturing data to deliver real-time insights and action. these critical insights can be quickly accessed and utilized by any business unit within the company for improving product quality and reliability with less waste and greater efficiency.

Moreover, we provide the only solution in the market to manage the mutual sharing of product and manufacturing data between semiconductor OCMs and electronic OEMs, breaking new ground by facilitating transparency into product genealogy and traceability in the extended semiconductor-electronics ecosystem.

With over 50 billion chips and boards processed annually, Optimal+ provides solutions that drive IIoT connectivity, enhance yield and productivity, reduce RMAs, and usher in an age of robust, long-term quality products.

An accomplished semiconductor veteran, Dan Glotter became increasingly intrigued by the idea that the key to improving performance metrics across manufacturing operations is located at the source – where data streams are generated and often lost…

How can a semiconductor company, fabless or IDM, collect all the fragmented bits and pieces of data generated in their global supply chains and proactively analyze that data in order to find ways to improve manufacturing operations?

The ability to aggregate, analyze and act upon the data being generated by every die in every wafer from every foundry and subcon in a time-sensitive manner became an idea that obsessed him.

How do you manufacture intelligence from the semiconductor manufacturing operations floor?

Simple idea. Difficult execution.

One decade and 35 billion qualified chips later, Optimal+ is a breakthrough reality for the semiconductor industry. Its Manufacturing Intelligence™ solutions are driving yield, quality and productivity – and helping to generate significant financial returns on behalf of the world’s leading semiconductor giants. It’s the only solution in the market to provide complete visibility across internal and external supply chains in a seamless manner for enabling real-time and near real-time response.

Named a “Best in Test” award winner by Test & Measurement World in 2007 and again in 2009, Optimal+ solutions are re-defining the best-in-class alternatives for delivering optimized operational effectiveness to IDMs, fabless, foundries and OSATs

Today, Optimal+ is a growing global company with operations in Asia/Pacific, Europe and the United States.