• Dan Glotter

    Founder & CEO
    Founder and CEO Dan Glotter brings over 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry to Optimal+. Read More
  • Shykeh Gordon

    VP&GM of the Electronics Business Unit
    Shykeh brings 25 years of executive management experience in the hi-tech arena as well as a rich background in leading direct sales and channel partnerships.Read More
  • Michael Schuldenfrei

    Michael brings over 25 years of software and information technology experience to the Optimal+ management team. Read More
  • Luc Schoups

    VP Worldwide Sales
    Luc Schoups has garnered over 15 years of high-level managerial experience for regional and global technology providers helping to drive growth and create shareholder value. Read More
  • Kiki (Yitzhak) Ohayon

    VP Business Development
    Kiki brings Optimal+ an eclectic skill set, garnered from 25 years of experience in technology and business development, Read More
  • David Park

    VP Worldwide Marketing
    David Park has over 20 years of engineering and marketing experience in design and manufacturing software for the semiconductor and electronics market segments. Read More
  • Uri Melzer

    VP Global Operations
    Uri is a tenured high-tech veteran, bringing Optimal+ over 35 years of cross-operational experience.Read More
  • Uzi Baruch

    VP R&D
    Uzi Baruch is an accomplished hi-tech veteran with vast experience in managing R&D teams and projects.

    Read More
  • Gil Levy

    VP Pre-Sales
    Gil Levy manages all pre-sales activities throughout the entire sales cycle, from the initial customer engagement meeting, through data analysis, pilots and ROI projects all the way to final purchase. Read More
  • Gidi Gilboa

    VP Product Management
    Gidi brings Optimal+ the full range of experience in software product development, from conducting market analysis and defining strategy and management plans to delivering the final product to market.Read More
  • Hadas Gazit

    Hadas Gazit is responsible for all global financial and accounting operations at Optimal+, bringing vast experience in overseeing corporate financial activities of globally traded companies in the software and IT arena. Read More
  • Michal Ramot

    VP HR
    Michal Ramot brings Optimal+ over 15 years of Human Resources management experience garnered in hi-tech and industry.Read More