Bringing Quality to Electronics Manufacturing

by David Park | August 2, 2016

Since our founding, our core mission has been to improve the quality of the semiconductor chip by using in-depth information to better identify problems and to provide insights into global manufacturing operations. After all, the semiconductor is a core element of the electronics’ platform, and its distributed global manufacturing process significantly benefits from information that enables real-time and centralized decision making. In 2015 alone, we analyzed over 35 billion semiconductor chips, enabling our customers to increase quality, improve yield and ultimately increase return on investment. At this stage in the journey, it has become clear that not only are we able to take the next logical step toward quality management for electronics platforms, but the timing is absolutely essential for our customers to have a reliable, tested solution. The forecast numbers may vary, but are universally consistent in predicting growth in electronics. Here are just a couple of examples:

  • 75.4B devices connected to the IoT by 2025 – IHS 2016
  • 21B connected “things” by 2020 – Gartner 2015

Clearly, the development, design, manufacture and deployment of electronics platforms fueled by the IoT alone will be massive and imminent. Everything from smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs to base stations will be connected, which will enable a rich world of end-user functionality and flexibility, but also will introduce an associated risk of scalable quality management for manufacturers.

Optimal+ has the experience and now the big data solution to help electronics OEMs address the challenge of ensuring the quality of their end-products. This week we announced Global Ops for Electronics, which will enhance, certify and monitor the quality of electronics for the lifetime of the products. We are excited to announce this first-in-the-industry solution to customers that provides end-to-end data collection, data governance and advanced analytics capabilities. NVIDIA collaborated with Optimal+ on the design of the Global Ops for Electronics solution and is now using it to gain better visibility into its electronics manufacturing process.

We also welcome Shykeh Gordon, our vice president and general manager of the new Electronics Business Unit. Shykeh brings over 25 years of high-tech experience to help our customers advance quality in the manufacturing arena.