35 Billion Chips!

by David Park | February 16, 2016

What does 35 billion chips represent in the semiconductor industry? About 15 percent of the chips shipped last year and the number of devices that Optimal+ analyzed on behalf of its customers in 2015 – a 50 percent increase from 2014. It also represents billions of higher quality chips getting to the marketplace.

Aggregating and analyzing 35 billion units is not just an Optimal+ milestone. These 35 billion units represent the largest central collection of manufacturing data ever collected and analyzed in the semiconductor industry. By collecting and analyzing devices, we bring unprecedented visibility into the global manufacturing operations of its customers, enabling actionable insights that drive timely business decisions on quality management, and increase yield and productivity.

Optimal+ has seen it all – aggregating and analyzing data on semiconductor devices used in tens of thousands of products from cell phones to automotive ECUs. With this analysis, we have accumulated unmatched operational knowledge and developed scores of rules that are used within semiconductor manufacturing operations that significantly improve quality and lead to fewer defective chips shipped for use in tomorrow’s devices.

We’re fortunate to have leading fabless and IDM semiconductor manufacturers for customers that are constantly challenging us to find ways to help them improve their quality and yield. We’re looking forward to processing more devices in 2016 and implementing rules that will have a deep impact in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing.

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